About Us

‘Get Your Mojo Back’ at the best & brightest health food store in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie!  Mojo’s Health & Wholefoods is a proudly local family owned independent health food store with two locations in Marketown Shopping Centre &  Belmont Citi Centre.

Being diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis in 2005 whilst trying to start a family, Novocastrian Sonya Todd-Jones sought help from a Naturopath and was advised to go on a gluten and dairy free diet.   Following a journey through IVF supported by herbal tonics and supplements, her passion for health food grew.  Luckily for Sonya her son was born in 2010.  Her experiences inspired Sonya to begin Mojo's Health and Wholefoods, a health food store where quality natural health practitioners are available for free in-store advice as well as offering the latest in health food products and supplements to support local communities struggling with food intolerances, allergies and challenging health diseases and conditions.

Mojo’s Health & Wholefoods specialises in a wide range of gluten, dairy, soy & preservative free products as well as organic wholefoods.  Check out our wide range of vegan, paleo & keto products, natural protein powders & vitamin & herbal supplements.  We support clean living with organic & natural skincare & beauty, zero waste solutions & plant based cleaning products. Get on-the-spot expert health advice from our in-store Naturopaths & Nutritionists.