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With Mojo's extensive, healthy, and tasty range of gluten free products you won't feel like your missing out on anything.

Its important to note that gluten free does not mean healthy. Many gluten free products are laden with sugar and are high carb and high GI. Replacment ingredients for wheat often include potato flour, tapioca flour and other high GI starches. Loss of texture is often compensated by the addition of sugar and extra sodium (like there wasnt enough in bread anyway).

What this means for you is that sugar cravings and hunger may be increased and you may not feel full after a meal. Protein is important and high GI foods burn up quickly and do not provide us with the fuel we need to keep going between meals.

Deeks bread is at the forefront of our gluten free range as it is made from quinoa. Quinoa is gluten and grain free, it is high in protein and considered a complete food, full of vitamins and minerals and cholesterol free.

We also have a range of gluten free breakfast options, crackers, biscuits, baking goods, pasta, chips, snack bars, goodie balls and so much more. If you want it we likely have a gluten free alternative for it!

Our staff are trained in gluten free options and can assist you with any questions or queries on the gluten free front.

We strive to provide wholesome healthy gluten free alternatives that dont break the bank!